Discharge Instructions

Your pet has just been sterilized.

The following are our recommendations for the optimal recovery of your pet:

Activity: Please keep indoors or closely confined for the next 7-10 days so the incision can stay clean and dry. No jumping, running, or rough play for 10-14 days. Excessive activity often leads to re-injury or serious complications that may necessitate re-operation.

Anaesthesia: When your pet is discharged, he may still be groggy from the anaesthesia.

Food/Water: Every pet recovers differently. Some pets may not want anything at all the first night. If your pet vomits, withhold food until the next morning, but if vomiting persists please rather contact the clinic. By the next morning he should be alert and have a normal appetite. He can then be fed his
normal volume of food.

Bathing: Do not bathe your pet for 10 days – incision sit must stay clean and dry.

Monitoring: Check the incision daily for signs of excessive redness, swelling, or discharge. If any of these are noted, please contact us immediately. If your pet is licking or chewing excessively at the incision line, please contact us for placement of an Elizabethan collar. Rather place a collar than have an infection or stitches removed too soon.

Sutures out in 14 days

Emergency Number

079 313 0378